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  1. Sony on the road to rehabilitating its image

    Over the past several months, executives at Sony have found themselves in hot water over a series of security breaches in its PlayStation network. While very popular for their flat panel TVs in TV lift cabinets, Sony is also a gaming giant. In April, a severe security breach allowed hackers to obtain personal and credit card information for millions of...
  2. Go Blu-ray, Reviews for Top Sellers

    Since the inception of Blu-ray technology, which was designed to supersede the DVD format, Blu-ray players have hot sellers in 2010. With the capability of holding 50 GB of data per disc, six times more than a standard DVD, Blu-ray movies set themselves apart by having countless extras and behind-the-scenes commentaries. By June of 2009, there were more than 2,500...
  3. Creatures of Comfort: Choose the Right 3D Viewing Glasses

    First, everyone at ImportAdvantage would like to wish you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! 3D TVs are more than a trend; they reflect a substantial shift in television and movie-making technology and an opportunity for new investments in the home theater experience. 3D TVs have been flying off the showroom floors during this 2010 holiday shopping season, just...
  4. 3D TVs on Everyone’s Holiday Wishlist

    Likely to be the hottest TV gift this holiday season, 3D TVs are steadily rising in popularity and in technological capabilities. Couple that with a steady drop in prices, what more could customers ask for? As the media entertainment envelope continues to be pushed, moving from HD to Blu-ray and now 3D, the movie industry will continue to play to...

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