In the wake of Netflix’s steady demise, competitors are reaping the rewards. Dish Network is among the group of Netflix competitors who took advantage of the opportunity to profit off of Netflix’s missteps.

While Dish Network has not struck back in terms of numbers of subscribers, their revenue has jumped substantially. Since this time last year, Dish Network’s revenue has grown by 12.3%, or $3.6 billion. This increase is largely contributed to Dish’s acquisition of Blockbuster earlier this year. Blockbuster was long struggling in the wake of internet movie giants like Netflix. Dish Network’s acquisition allowed Blockbuster to transition to the future of movie renting and streaming. Blockbuster Movie Pass allows subscribers to stream movies and TV shows to their TV lift cabinet as well as receive DVD by-mail service. The program is only available to Dish Network subscribers. Dish had hoped that Blockbuster Movie Pass would increase revenue and also draw in new subscribers who were looking for an alternative to Netflix.

Although the revenue numbers are promising, subscriber numbers are down. Dish Network lost approximately 111,000 subscribers over the past year. Based on their recent Financial Report, Dish is placing a lot of weight behind their Blockbuster venture. The report is very optimistic about the subscriber potential in the Movie Pass program and company executives have their sights set on continuing to build momentum.