Are you a road warrior who enjoys the comforts of home? One of the biggest sacrifices of people who travel the world is the lack of space, which limits the luxury you can bring with you on your adventures. Recreational vehicles have exploded in popularity over the last several years, especially the type that is essentially a rolling luxury home. Many of these RVs have amenities such as granite countertops, hardwood floors, and all sorts of other perks to replicate the experience of being at home on the go. But did you know that many of the benefits of having a TV lift cabinet in your den, living room, or bedroom can be multiplied when in a particularly cramped space, such as an RV. 

We talk a lot about saving space and adding convenience by adding a TV lift, and with the constraints of space, an RV is a perfect place to take advantage of compact and convenient nature of a TV lift (not to mention the luxury). Driving around, it is unsafe to have a TV loose and sitting on top of an entertainment center, this is why most RVs feature a mounted LCD or other flat­ panel TV. This takes care of the problem of it wobbling around, but mounting systems are not foolproof and may result in your expensive TV taking a spill when you go around a corner too fast. In addition, usually RVs are used for travel or vacations. Carrying boxes or suitcases through the narrow space of an RV is a recipe for disaster with a TV sitting exposed, waiting to be knocked loose.

Our TV lift cabinets also provide storage for cables and media, another benefit when trying to make the most efficient use of limited space. The TV is a self­-contained unit, hidden from view (and protected) until you are ready to use it. Some users have even moved away from the cabinet entirely and have used a freestanding TV lift to hide their television behind a couch or other surface. With the push of a button, you can bring your TV out without even sacrificing the space that a cabinet would use.

There are are three options for adding a TV Lift to your RV:

1. Add a TV Lift mechanism that can be added to an existing piece of furniture in your RV (Starting at $599)

2. A full size TV Lift Cabinet that provides (Starting at $1499)

3. Custom made TV Lift designed to fit the exact needs of your space. (Starting at $3999)

No matter what your budget or space needs are, adding a TV lift to your RV will bring the luxury of home with you on the road!

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