Banyan Creek
More and more people are joining the RV movement and traveling the country. According to U.S. News & World Reports, sales of recreational vehicles have increased in recent years as the economy improves. One factor that may be helping to boost sales is the bubble of baby boomers moving into retirement. According to figures from RVIA, the average RV owner is late-middle-aged, but still younger than baby boomers (around 48 years old). They’re also looking for nicer models and a better lifestyle than the typical weekend camping crowd.

TVLiftCabinet recently received a review from John Dreese, who lives full-time in his RV with his wife. In trying to make their RV as homey as possible and make the best use of limited space, they turned to a TVLiftCabinet. “With space limited, having a large screen TV covering a window all the time wasn’t convenient,” said John. “It was easy to install, securely holds the TV in its retracted cabinet – even when bouncing down some rough roads.”
TVLiftCabinet CEO Rob Buehl says more people like John are adding cabinets to their RV because their cabinets have a solid floor, making bolting it to the floor simple.  Some of the most popular styles for RVs have been Banyan Creek, Crystal Pointe, Concord and Prism. Some offer swivels and great features, including additional storage for all your electronics.

Check them out – and discover what RV owners already know. A TVLiftCabinet is a great solution for traveling the open road in style.