A design trend that has been popular in many urban settings is now moving to the suburbs and rural areas of the country. Urban Camouflage. Now for some people, that means choosing military styles and colors to your wardrobe. But for those who embrace this new design trend, it’s more about selecting finishes and colors that blend in with the surroundings, hiding functional items when not in use and losing the clutter. Just Google the term "Urban Camouflage." You’ll find Pinterest boards, clothing, color palettes, furnishing and more.  One of our favorite sites, Houzz, has some great ideas to add a little Urban Camouflage style to your home. Most people who choose this style are usually trying to maximize smaller spaces for ultimate comfort. According to Rob Buehl, CEO of TVLiftCabinet.com, one of the best furnishings you can select for this type of design style is a TV Lift Cabinet. “Many people are asking us how we can help them achieve their design dreams. Urban Camouflage design is very similar to contemporary styles that are streamlined and clutter-free." [caption id="attachment_3500" align="alignleft" width="300"]One of the most popular styles for Urban Camouflage is the Concord model. One of the most popular styles for
Urban Camouflage is the Concord model.[/caption] He says that four of his cabinets are most popular with people who are furnishing their homes in this style. “The most popular styles are Concord and Addison, but many are also looking at Prism and Moderna cabinets. These beautiful furnishings not only hide large, flat-screen televisions when not in use, they are great cabinets to store select items,” said Buehl. So if you’re considering a new look for your living spaces, check out some Urban Camouflage style.