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  1. Think spring (cleaning)

    Spring has sprung. The birds are chirping. The breezes are turning a little warmer. Green buds are starting to emerge from their long winter nap. Then you turn around and look at your cocoon, your little piece of heaven that has kept you safe and dry for the past few months. Notice anything? If you’re like me, there’s an abundance...
  2. Take the “mad” out of Basketball Madness

    It’s that time of year again when all basketball fans turn to brackets to ponder, assess, strategize and contemplate which team will come out on top. Last year, more than 23 million people tuned into the Duke/Wisconsin final game, and overall viewership was up nearly nine percent from the previous year for all the games. Whether you’re cheering on a...
  3. Downsizing to Smaller Homes Is the New Trend

    The less-is-more philosophy has come to the family home, with square footage taking a back seat to quality, functionality, charm and character. Lis King’s story for the Tallahassee Magazine last fall is a great reminder of a trend many designers are seeing in their businesses. Here are some of the points she shares with her readers. People are more interested in...
  4. Spring Cleaning? Time to make room for family in your living room.

    Spring is the perfect time to remove clutter and excess from your home.  De-cluttering is THE buzzword this year when it comes to spring cleaning – though it should be common sense if you want to breathe easier every time you walk in one of the most important rooms in your home. Clearing the clutter lifts a huge weight off...
  5. What's trending in home furnishings for 2015?

    It’s hard to believe that 2014 is coming to a close. I had coffee with a good friend yesterday and we started talking about our home projects for next spring. Guess it’s never to soon to dream. Her focus: gardening. My focus: getting my house in order to sell in a couple of years as we prepare to retire someplace...

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