The less-is-more philosophy has come to the family home, with square footage taking a back seat to quality, functionality, charm and character. Lis King’s story for the Tallahassee Magazine last fall is a great reminder of a trend many designers are seeing in their businesses. Here are some of the points she shares with her readers.
  • People are more interested in reconnecting with family and friends in deeper ways than in show-off houses, and the result is a trend towards smaller, smarter homes.
  • The formal dining room has become a flex room. It can be a home office, a library, a downstairs bedroom. Also, the downstairs powder room is now becoming a full bath, so with the flex room you now have a first-floor master suite, very desirable today. With assisted living costs sky high, aging parents move in with their children.
  • The new smaller home also emphasizes outdoor living spaces like never before.
  • Simpler is better. TVLiftCabinet CEO Rob Buehl says that many people who are downsizing still want what they want – including large concord_6313_3flatscreen televisions. “They don’t have the wall space to mount the television they had in their larger home,” said Buehl. “They also need to maximize the spaces in each room, so some of our customers are purchasing TVLiftCabinets for their living rooms and bedrooms. By day, it’s a beautiful, Amish hand-crafted cabinet that provides plenty of storage (out of sight). At night, it’s a functional entertainment vehicle, for watching television, gaming or whatever the homeowners’ desire."
Style and function in one unit is perfect when you’re downsizing. King offers some other suggestions if you’re considering going down the downsizing route. It’s worth a read.