It’s hard to believe it’s nearly March – and you know what that means. March Madness. That’s right. First – it’s high school basketball, wrestling and hockey championships. Then, it’s onto the college basketball play-offs – nearly a month-long celebration of all things sports. My husband and sons have battled for years to get the best seat in the house to view the games for weeks on end. They tease each other mercilessly about who’s got the best view. What they don’t know is that there is a way for everyone to have the best seat in the house – with a beautiful TVLiftCabinet that has 360-degree electric swivel. I like the Azura model that finished on all four sides – meaning you can place the cabinet anywhere in the room. The cabinet has a heavy duty electric swivel lift that is easy to operate via remote control, so you can adjust it so everyone has a great viewing experience in the room. There is also great storage for all the other electronic components that seem to appear anytime the boys are home. Now they’re hidden when they’re not around. Tired of the bickering about who’s got the best seat in the house? Check out TVLiftCabinet for some great ideas and in just a few short weeks, you too can enjoy a much quieter spring.