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How Does a TV Lift Swivel?

One of the questions we get from customers is:
“Just how does the TV Lift Swivel Work?”

That’s a great question. It’s really very simple. We have a variety of sizes to electrically lift and rotate your TV. If you have a 50” flatscreen (or smaller), you’ll need a 33” swivel mechanism. If you have a 55” or smaller TV, you’ll need a 35” swivel mechanism. You get the drift, the larger the TV, the more height you need for the swivel mechanism. You can see more options here.

One of the nice things about a TV Lift Cabinet is the built-in wire retainer system that includes two onboard HDMI ports and two onboard HDMI cables. This makes sure your cables won’t get tangled while rotating.

If you want to see exactly how it works, here’s a short YouTube video below that demonstrates one of our beautiful cabinets that features 360-degree swivel action.

Like all our lift mechanisms, the swivels are ultra quiet with a high-performance, self-lubricating (polymer) gears to reduce friction and allow for smooth quiet movement. Every lift mechanism comes fully assembled with built-in surge and thermal overload protection.Plus, all TV Lift Cabinet uplift motorized TV lift series, including the swivel, are tested and recognized by Certified Laboratories for over 17 years of wear. So, if you’re looking for a cabinet that swivels – or you just want the mechanism to do it yourself – be sure to check out TV Lift Cabinet today.

Is it too early to think about the Big Game?

If you’re a football fan, no. It’s never too early to think about the biggest game of the year. In fact, many super fans start planning the next Big Game party. More than 111 million people tuned into the 2017 game. It’s one of the most anticipated television events of the entire year. And it’s just a few short weeks away (sure, there’s Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day in between), but if you’re a Super Fan, the wheels are already turning on how to make this year’s Game Day memorable.

First thing on the list? Do you have enough space to host the party this year? Is there a central location where people can watch the game, chat with everyone (or no one) and grab some awesome food? Look at the numbers and scope out the best place in the house to maximize viewership and entertainment.

One way to enhance the Big Game experience is to have your television on a 360-degree swivel – so you can change the viewing with the flip of a switch. What? You can’t do that right now? Have you ever thought about getting a TVLiftCabinet that features not only a 360-degree swivel, but is a gorgeous cabinet that is finished on all sides, so you can place it anywhere in a room and create a focal point for your guests. One of the most popular units is the Crystal Pointe – it comes in many different finishes and has tons of storage, as well as that all-important swivel feature.

Once you have your space and your viewing options nailed, the rest can be done the week of the big event. And, if you take care of it now, you can enjoy the space during all the play-offs, too.

Don’t get mad, get a TVLiftCabinet

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly March – and you know what that means. March Madness. That’s right. First – it’s high school basketball, wrestling and hockey championships. Then, it’s onto the college basketball play-offs – nearly a month-long celebration of all things sports. My husband and sons have battled for years to get the best seat in the house to view the games for weeks on end. They tease each other mercilessly about who’s got the best view.

What they don’t know is that there is a way for everyone to have the best seat in the house – with a beautiful TVLiftCabinet that has 360-degree electric swivel. I like the Azura model that finished on all four sides – meaning you can place the cabinet anywhere in the room. The cabinet has a heavy duty electric swivel lift that is easy to operate via remote control, so you can adjust it so everyone has a great viewing experience in the room. There is also great storage for all the other electronic components that seem to appear anytime the boys are home. Now they’re hidden when they’re not around.

Tired of the bickering about who’s got the best seat in the house? Check out TVLiftCabinet for some great ideas and in just a few short weeks, you too can enjoy a much quieter spring.

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