The Clubside TV lift cabinet boasts an amazing finish and great design.  Available in a dreamy gray (and a bunch of other colors), this solid maple wood cabinet is one of the coolest additions to the home.  It is a trendy, multipurpose piece of furniture that takes care of your electronics as well.  The TV lift cabinet can comfortably fit TVs with 55 inches’ diagonal length.  There is enough space inside the cabinet to house the TV and its accessories.  The Club side TV lift cabinet has many user-friendly features, the most important one being that it takes under 15 minutes to install it!  The cabinet comes assembled, and mounting the TV onto it is quite easy.  Using it is extremely easy as well.  All you need to do is click one button and the cabinet pops open, to let your TV out.  When you are done watching TV, one click will pull the TV back into the TV lift cabinet.  You don’t even need to open the cabinet to operate it.  The built-in infrared repeater system catches the remote’s signals even when the cabinet doors are closed.  So, you can enjoy hassle free operation. Another cool feature of the Clubside TV lift cabinet is how it is built.  Space has been provided so that you can have the wires running in through the base of the cabinet.  Inside, there are cord slots that you can use to make sure that the wires stay organized and do not get entangled.  Also, that ensures there are no wires left outside, so no tripping accidents. The Clubside TV lift cabinet has 4 completely finished sides, which means that you can place it anywhere- at the foot of the bed, against a wall or even use it as a room divider.  The wheels at the base let you move it around without leaving any marks on the flooring.  This is one gray piece of furniture that will actually save you from the blues of worrying about your TV, or its wires.