A living room is the space you share with acquaintances, friends, and these days even more so with the family.  Everyone has a living room, but most of these spaces are dull, dead, and boring. Just placing things in the living room won’t breathe life into it, but these tips certainly will.
  1. Tie in the look- The most common mistake people make in styling their living room is having pieces that simply don't fall in place to give one unified look.  You don't necessarily have to throw out all your furniture.  All you need to do is brainstorm a way of using accessories like cushions or rugs to connect everything.  Looks break the continuity of things and sends out awkward vibes.
  2. Make it cozy- If you happen to have a large living room, chances are that you will have your furniture up against the walls, too far from each other, to actually encourage conversations. Conversation needs coziness and proximity, and that certainly means cutting down on distance.  Place couches at a comfortable distance, and within earshot.  This isn’t hard to do in small spaces.
  3. Hide the TV- The TV should hardly be the most important part of catching up.  That is one reason why hidden TV lift cabinets are gaining so much popularity.  People now understand that the essence of life is beyond the screen, and more so in undivided interpersonal interaction.  That is why the TV needs to be camouflaged.  It can remain in the living room, but out of sight, which is why we recommend hidden TV lift cabinets.  Available in a range of colors, these hidden TV lift cabinets will do you a huge favor!
  4. Cater to the senses- No one likes a sterile setup.  It's a living room, not a hospital!  Turning things around is pretty easy.  The eyes enjoy a visually appealing living room with artistic pieces and a color coordinated layout.  Pleasing fragrances from oil diffuses or candles are sure to tingle your sense of scent.  Appropriate music can set the right mood.  Textured rugs, cushions, and throws can considerably add to the tactile experience.  As far as the sense of taste is concerned, we will totally leave that up to you and your culinary skills. The rest is all covered.
All these ideas aim to take the attention off the TV, and get some real conversation going, so that your living room can evolve into a truly living space.