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  1. The Strength of the TV Lift: How Far Can it Go?

    Owning a TV lift cabinet, either a custom-built one or a handcrafted model from ImportAdvantage, is a statement of fine taste, convenience and durability. With the touch of a button, a TV lift can quietly raise or lower your flat-screen TV in less than 40 seconds. But do you know how strong your TV lift is and what size...
  2. ImportAdvantage TV Lifts Faster than the Competition

    ImportAdvantage’s signature TV lift, known as the Uplift, raises TVs to full-extension at the rate of nearly 1”/second, making it faster than many of its competitors. And those with faster rising rates risk jarring your flat-screen TV and are typically louder than the ImportAdvantage Uplift mechanism. So ImportAdvantage not only provides a quality, durable rack and pinion TV lift, but...
  3. Which TV Lift Do I Need for My TV Size?

    ImportAdvantage offers a wide variety of reliable and quiet TV lifts for practically any size flat-screen television. Unlike other models of TV lifts, the ImportAdvantage Uplift TV lift incorporates a heavy-duty rack and pinion system that will provide years of solid performance, and the prices of the Uplift TV lift mechanisms simply cannot be beat. All Uplift TV lifts come...
  4. Woodworking Resources

    As many satisfied customers already know, an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet is handcrafted from the finest selection of hardwoods available by skilled woodworkers who have many years of experience designing and building fine furniture. But perhaps you would like to craft your own TV lift cabinet and you are looking for a way to get more deeply involved in the...

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