With the announcement earlier this month that Samsung is eyeing Google’s Android operating system for producing web-connected TVs, a new market for smart TVs will soon reach a peak, says a chief of Samsung’s television division. Samsung Electronics became the world’s largest technology company in the beginning of 2010, so they certainly have the ability to drive new markets. The company estimates that the smart TV market will peak around 2012, only a couple years away. With all the new hyper-convenient TVs that will begin to pop up, it will be another opportunity for ImportAdvantage to showcases its convenient and quiet pop-up TV cabinets, which are also “smart” in that they operate with a one-touch remote control. ImportAdvantage always keeps up with the latest TV technologies, but the company shows its customers time and again that regardless of how advanced electronic technologies become, a quality handcrafted TV lift cabinet is the only way to keep them safe, secure and so easily accessible. Check out our full line of TV lift cabinets now!