Over the past several months, we have been getting a ton of calls from customers looking for a TV lift solution that would allow them to rotate their TV so they can watch it from anywhere in the room. Previously, we would recommend our cabinets on casters like Carousel or Traveler. Then about a year ago, we introduced our Crystal Pointe 360 Swivel cabinet which has quickly become one of our best sellers. Finally, we are very excited to announce that our Uplift 3250 Residential Swivel Lift, Uplift 3500 Residential Swivel Lift and Uplift 3700 Residential Swivel Lift are available for purchase on www.TVLiftCabinet.com! Our swivel lift mechanism is easy to install and gives you 360 degrees of rotation to watch your TV from any angle! Controlled via remote, the lift has an innovative design that features two on-board HDMI ports, 2 on-board HDMI cables and an outlet for your TV so you don’t need to worry about routing your cables as it’s already done for you! The lift is near silent while operating and it includes a safety feature that will stop the lift from moving if it meets resistance as it rotates.

Another request that we were beginning to hear more and more frequently was when will we have a cabinet that can house a 70” TV? Last Spring, we introduced Pacifica which is essentially a larger version of our most popular cabinet, Banyan Creek. Recently, we have added a Modern design for those who are looking for a more contemporary option to house their 70” TV. The new cabinet is called Concord XL and you can check out the specs here. Concord XL is a larger version of Concord, our best selling American made cabinet, factory-direct from our Amish craftsmen. Have a TV larger than 70” but can’t seem to find a TV lift cabinet? Check back next week when we feature an amazing custom cabinet we built for a customer’s 80” TV!