Finally – the perfect solution to view your TV from any angle! Do you have a seating area opposite your bed or are you using your cabinet as a room divider? Now you don’t have to be restricted to having your TV face only one direction. Our 360 Swivel lift allows you to rotate your TV 360 degrees via a handy little remote control. Not to mention, our swivel cabinets are loaded with other amazing features – built-in storage with infrared relay system, Ethernet port for external controls, and a built-in wire management system that includes 2 HDMI ports and cables.                         The Crystal Pointe 360 Swivel TV lift cabinet was the first swivel model introduced on our site. Since its debut, it has been a HUGE hit! We recently completed production on our newest swivel model – Prism 360 Swivel. Our standard, non-swivel Prism has been a long time favorite of decorators and customers alike, who are looking to add some modern flair to their space. Prism 360 Swivel gives you all the style of the original Prism cabinet, with the ability to view your TV no matter where you are in the room. As an added bonus, Prism Swivel is also available in an XL size. Is there another cabinet of ours that you would like to see available with a swivel option? Let us know in the comments!