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  1. New Cabinets For Spring!

    With the weather warming up and spring finally in full swing, it’s time to throw open the curtains and let the sunshine in. Add some life to your home with some of our newest TV lift cabinets. Our aptly named Under the Window TV Lift Cabinet is perfect for placement, you guessed it, under the window! Designed with minimal height in...
  2. Now You Can Watch TV From Anywhere In The Room!

    Finally – the perfect solution to view your TV from any angle! Do you have a seating area opposite your bed or are you using your cabinet as a room divider? Now you don’t have to be restricted to having your TV face only one direction. Our 360 Swivel lift allows you to rotate your TV 360 degrees via a...
  3. Prepare Your Home For Spring

    While it may seem hard to believe while there’s a blizzard burying the Northeast, but spring really is just around the corner. And with the warmer, sunnier weather comes the time for us to brighten up our homes by replacing dreary winter décor with fun spring designs. If you have spring plans to revamp your home, why not get your...
  4. Our 360 Swivel Lifts Are In Stock and Ready to Ship!

    Over the past several months, we have been getting a ton of calls from customers looking for a TV lift solution that would allow them to rotate their TV so they can watch it from anywhere in the room. Previously, we would recommend our cabinets on casters like Carousel or Traveler. Then about a year ago, we introduced our Crystal...
  5. $100 OFF Your Purchase - Limited Time Only!

    I can’t believe that Christmas is only a week away! I always find myself scrambling this time of year to finish buying gifts and preparing my house for the influx of friends and family who will be sure to stop by for Holiday festivities. Luckily for our customers, we have had our HOLIDAY100 sale running for the last couple...

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