According to the U.S. Census, more than 20% of the population (roughly 80 million people) choose a condo lifestyle in the United States. I’ve often wondered what the appeal of moving from a private single-family home to a condo might be, but after returning from a recent vacation to a Florida condo in The Keys, I completely understand. Sure, you give up some space, but the benefits of enjoying all the little luxuries that make a home a home were all there, plus a few new ones we hadn’t seen before. First – cleaning is a breeze. The flooring, cabinets, furnishings and décor were designed for quick clean-ups. No need to lug around a large vacuum cleaner or spend hours polishing furniture. A quick dusting is all it took to keep things sparkling clean and fresh. Second – no outdoor chores. Someone was always trimming trees and shrubs, mowing, cleaning pools, washing windows and more. All I can say is, “where do I sign up?” [caption id="attachment_3497" align="alignleft" width="150"]Maximizing space in a condo is easy with smart furnishings. Maximizing space in a condo is easy with smart furnishings.[/caption] And finally – the owner had great ideas to maximize space. The microwave/stove combo were perfectly situated in the kitchen, directly across from the refrigerator. Not an inch of wasted space, yet it looked clutter-free and clean. He also installed TVLiftCabinets in the living room and master bedroom. During the day, all electronics were neatly stored beneath great-looking cabinets that matched the beachy décor perfectly. In the evening, after a beautiful sunset walk along the beach, a push of the button was all it took to enjoy a good movie or the latest news. Rob Buehl, CEO of, says he sees many people are seeking TVLiftCabinets to maximize small spaces. He says that the most popular styles for small spaces are Moderna and Prism. It just makes sense that people seeking to simplify lifestyles and décor would be smart about how they could maximize every square foot to create the perfect oasis, no matter what stage of life they find themselves.