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  1. Netflix Stock Rises After Suprisingly Good 4th Quarter

    Is Netflix making a comeback?  Netflix, Inc. saw its stock go up in value yesterday after the company was able to secure more U.S. based subscribers than expected in their fourth quarter. Netflix has suffered in recent months after they announced an aggressive price increase which split its DVD mail-service from its streaming video service.  The price increase outraged many...
  2. Dish Network Revenue Numbers Up, Subscriber Numbers Down

    In the wake of Netflix’s steady demise, competitors are reaping the rewards. Dish Network is among the group of Netflix competitors who took advantage of the opportunity to profit off of Netflix’s missteps. While Dish Network has not struck back in terms of numbers of subscribers, their revenue has jumped substantially. Since this time last year, Dish Network’s revenue has...
  3. Attention Netflix Customers!

    Are you a Netflix subscriber? Whether you plan on staying on board or cancelling in light of their price increase, today’s the day to make your move. As of tomorrow, September 1st, Netflix’s monthly subscription rates are going up. As it stands, subscribers can rent DVDs and have access to unlimited streaming on their TV lift cabinet for $9.99/month. After...
  4. Changes Happening at Amazon and Hulu

    With all the outrage over Netflix’s price hikes, many former Netflix customers have been defecting to alternate streaming services. Two services that seem to be high on consumer lists of alternatives are Amazon and Hulu. In the wake of the Netflix uproar, new developments have emerged regarding Amazon and Hulu. Amazon’s Prime streaming video service recently struck a deal with...
  5. Watch Out for Sneaky Cable Deals!

    I recently bought a condo and am now looking for reasonable cable options.  Since I am living by myself, I do not have the luxury of splitting the cable bill and am looking for the most affordable option. Through my research, I have discovered that all the big name cable providers are offering deals on cable packages.  On first glance...

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